Our philosophy

Our philosophy ­– The CIHIC Circle of Development™

We believe the ingredients to become a great hockey player are diverse and yet interconnected. Without one, you cannot develop the other. Therefore, we need to focus on all and combine whenever possible.

A player with great technical skills but lack of motivation will not grow. A player who experiences fun & motivation, but has no skills, will not be able to develop.

CIHIC Academy therefore focuses on the complete package. And that is not even all. There are elements outside the Circle of Development that we emphasise as well. We are convinced a good hockey player is a gentleman. A good hockey player is also a true team player. Therefore, we practice with each player in our program at first as a member of a team. A good hockey player is tough but fair. He never gives up, fights till the last moment.

These human qualities we take very serious. You need them to belong at the CIHIC Academy.